Saturday, February 28, 2009

Qué Ruido! What a Racket!

OMG! O-M-G!!!

It is 7 a.m. (SEVEN! in the MORNING!), on a SATURDAY!

I woke up to the sound of an electric saw cutting metal, hammers banging away (more metal), people shouting directions...

And once I'm awake, I notice the trucks using their air brakes as they come into town on the main road. And the train whistle - whoever said the train no longer runs in Costa Rica is soooo *wrong!*

NOT the "tranquilo" morning envisaged when you think of Costa Rica - I'm *supposed* to wake up to birds tweeting, and - well, at the moment, I can't think of anything else that would be pleasant to hear waking up.

Gotta go get my feria fix...


stanhopi said...

Well Julie,

Consider that there are at least some persons for whom early morning birdsong in CR proves to be an annoyance. (They must be confirmed city folks I imagine.)

There was a thread this past spring on another CR BB that ran to threats of physical harm against a certain bird, the yigüirro, which is the national bird of CR.
It is said that the yigüirro starts calling for rain around March each year and his melodious call starts up around 5 a.m. each morning.

I personally like his song and find that it relaxes me, but at least one of the complainers on that other BB actually admitted to throwing an object of some sort at one that was singing in a tree right outside his bedroom window.

The downside of that action was that the yigüirro in question simply flew to another tree nearby and continued 'calling for rain'. (Some petitions simply *must* be entreated.)

Maybe some drops did thereafter fall, but, well, I suspect in that case they were tears of frustration from the bedroom complainer.

BTW, one of my favorite birdsongs is that of the three wattled bell bird, found in Central America. Its call fully validates its name.

And after all that, you won't hear another peep outta me on this topic.


Paul M.

Julie said...


I have to admit, there *are* some bird "songs" that I've "experienced." When we lived with a family in Orosi, they kept songbirds - two of them sounded *exactly* like a rusty metal gate swinging (or trying to swing) open - now *that* will get you out of bed!

And let's not forget that the rooster is also a bird - hah!

Well, it's Sunday, and I'm a bit better now (although you won't believe this - the next-door construction guys are *back!*).

Paul, I *always* enjoy *your* peeps :-D.