Sunday, January 11, 2009

Post Office Box!

Friday, we stopped off in Guadalupe on our way home from lunch. And we got a Post Office Box!

We had tried to get on at our local Correo, but they were full up - no room at the inn (at least until March). So, we asked around, and found out that a nearby town had some available.

Signing up was pretty easy (of course, Rick dealt with all the Q&A...). All they needed was a copy of the boxholder´s cedula (or passport), fill in a form, pay c11,000 (más o menos) sign-up fee, pay c5,400 annual fee, and get the key - what could be easier?

Now all we do is test it out, and wait - we´ll probably check our mail once per week. Maybe combine it with a trip to the Guadalupe Feria (Saturday mornings, North of the Central Park) and trip to the recommended butcher...

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