Sunday, January 18, 2009

Cutting a Mango

Cutting a Mango
No, it's not like cutting a rug :-D.

Long ago, I saw a Poirot movie where he demonstrated how to cut up a mango. I've used that method ever since, and thought I'd share it here. It maximizes the amount of fruit you get from the mango - the only way to get more is to eat the skin (which many people do, but only when it is "tierno," literally "tender," "young," or "fresh," but also is "unmarred" colloquially).

Poirot's Mango method:
- cut mango along edge of pit

- insert spoon, scrape along sides of pit - both sides, freeing the pit

- remove pit (eat any fruit left on the pit - this is the cook's tax)

- cut a grid in each side of fruit; don't cut through the skin
- invert the half by pushing the center of the skin side

- scrape the flesh off the skin (use a knife or your thumbs)

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