Thursday, February 28, 2008

February 28, 2008 – Pork and Veggie Curry

Pork and Veggie Curry (another 1-pan dinner)

Brown 2 pork cutlets (frozen is ok) on both sides in a little oil and water (I know oil and water aren´t supposed to mix)

Add seasonings:
- curry
- cumin
- ginger
- basil
- chipotle (we had to bring this from the states)
- 1/2 packet of Costilla Criolla (I´ve only seen this in Costa Rica)

Add more water (and/or use coconut milk for a richer sauce); stir

Add veggies, cut small, about 3 cups:
- carrot
- brocolli
- wait about 4 minutes, then add zucchini

Cook until zucchini is done, about another 4 minutes.

Serves two - good with rice!


Anonymous said...

This sounds delicious. I find curry to be a little strong for my husband, but I love it. I was looking for some Costa Rican food recipes and came across yours. You might find the drinks talked about at the Costa Rica HQ blog here tasty -

I especially like the guanabana and milk idea. Thanks for sharing.

JulieAndRickInCostaRica said...

Hi Elizabeth -
I too love curry! The recipe is not actually ¨Costa Rican¨ other than the fact that I made it up in Costa Rica. Most CR food is not spicy at all (one thing I miss from the states) - even Kung Pau (Chinese) here is not at all hot.
I do looove the naturales (in aqua or leche) here. The best part about the blackberry (mora) drink, is that it does *not* have the seeds! Guanabana in aqua is (in my opinion) even better than in leche :). oh so yummy!