Saturday, August 13, 2011

Tango Lessons!

We finally did it!  After nearly 20 years of thinking about, wishing for, and putting off taking tango lessons together, we finally went! 

Last Tuesday evening, Rick and I learned the "basic 8" along with a little variation.  Class was at the Alliance Française (French), in San José, Costa Rica (Tico Spanish), taught by Oscar Lopez Salaberry (Argentina).  We did all right, and had fun!  Even if we didn't have the right shoes...
To see what we danced like, click here :-)


stanhopi said...

A tango-ing, you went ... a la Aadams Family? What fabulous footwork! And y'all did all that on your FIRST lesson?

Not sure whether 'Oh, my', or 'Va-Voom!' is more appropriate for a reply.

But I'm certain you both had great fun.

When's the recital?


Paul M.

Julie said...

yeah, we were great, huh? LOL
no, no recital any time soon.
I had to tell the teacher and class that this week was my last class (they and Rick will do two more without me), but had to add (to the other women in the class) that even tho Rick would continue *dancing,* there would be *no* kissing! :-D