Sunday, September 19, 2010

Whatever Will We Say Now?

Typically, when a taxi brings us home, we turn the corner onto our street, take a sharp breath, and say "Perdon! Hay muchos huecos!" (Sorry, there are a lot of potholes!)
NOW WHAT!?!? :-D


Isabelle said...

Hahahahaha trop drôle cet article, j'adore. Bien à vous Julie.

Paul M. said...

What will you say now? Well, tell your taxista that it's a new recipe:

Pots de Bache tapado con Salsa Asfalto!

Geez... Next you'll be out there skateboardin' down that long slope.


Julie said...

Je ne crois pas que le devoir puisse être si court... said...

Eso se llama un hueco con calles, I love your blog just found it today and looking forward to sharing thanks, tom