Thursday, June 3, 2010

I Feel All Sparkly!

My house is soooo clean! We have been in this apartment since September, and we finally have a housekeeper - and it feels so good!
I had last week off from school, and so I attacked my "to-do" list. I talked to my neighbor to see if they knew of anyone they would recommend for a housekeeper, and they really liked theirs. They told me all kinds of information about their experience with her - how much you have to explain, how trustworthy she is, how much they pay, how fast she is, and how well she cleans. They even offered to help with Spanish / English when we first talked to her!
Well, we talked to her, in Spanish :-), earlier this week, and we all agreed that she would clean our place too.
Today, she worked and worked and worked - I have a clean stove, and fridge, polished furniture, and shiny floors. Even the *windows* are dirt-free!
I'm going to enjoy my retirement this afternoon - tomorrow, I have school again ;-S.


Saratica said...

How have you survived this long? I love my housekeeper! Isn't it grand? Enjoy your retirement from cleaning. I do!!!

Julie said...

@Saratica - 'ell if *I* know! I was having fits, especially when I started French class - I just couldn't keep up! (and absolutely *no* motivation)
We had someone come in and clean when we lived in Orosi, but that was quite a while ago (yikes!).
We were a little scared/reluctant to ask around this time, in part because we are settled - we don't have a "known end date," so if the relationship doesn't completely pan out, we can't just wait it out and move on.
But, right now, I'm in the "sparkly" / "honeymoon" phase :-D.