Saturday, May 29, 2010

Trial Run

I start my new French class Monday (yeah, Memorial Day - gasp! Not a holiday here...). My new class is 3 days per week, for 3 hours each day. AND it is all the way on the other side of town! Shades of work in the Bay Area - it will take me about an hour to get there. I am quite sure that I will have a few bouts of "cranky" before it is over.

Yesterday, I made a trial run of the trip:
- 7:55 left my house, walked to the Escalante bus stop. Waited. Waited some more. Discussed w/ my fellow waiter how long a wait it was. Waited some more.
- 8:15 got on the bus! Driver drove like he was late (he was. very.).
- 8:30 bus is at the downtown San Jose terminus. Walked back 1/2 block to the Sabana Cementerio bus.
- 8:33 Sabana Cementerio bus left (with me on it, of course). Noticed that the next Escalante bus was already at the terminus.
- 8:54 SC bus is at Yamuni stop in Sabana West. Walked back 1/2 block, and South 2 1/2 blocks. Made sure to not walk fast, since I'm measuring "normal."
- 9:01 walked into the Alliance Française in Sabana Sur. If I had had class, I would have been a touch late.

The very lovely Amalia gave me a tour and explained where the class information would be posted on Monday. This branch of the Alliance Française is a bit different than the one downtown. It has 3 floors of classrooms (~8), a gathering place w/ tables, and a snack machine. But there is no coffee (ack!), no cafeteria, and no library. Why do I feel another cranky session coming on?

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