Monday, February 8, 2010

Costa Rican Fish

Costa Rican Fish (1-pan meal)

In a large frying pan, heat olive oil.

garlic (powder or minced fresh)
pinch of cayenne or chipotle
1 chopped onion
1-2 handful chopped carrots
2 very small mandarins or 1/2 orange, chopped fine (use the peel, but toss the seeds)

After about 5 minutes, add 2-4 fillets of Tilapia or Corvina (seabass)
When almost done, add a small handful of dried cranberries

Optional additions:
- vegetables such as ayote (a small green squash), zucchini, and/or vainicas (green beans)
- cube of chicken bouillon

Serve with rice.


Blake said...

Julie, that sounds terrific. I miss Costa Rican cooking so much. Keep up the posts. Luv em. Thanks

stanhopi said...

Where are you finding cranberries in CR?? I wanna know.

Julie said...

well, keeping in mind that they are dried...
AutoMercado has them - year round, too!
FYI - I have yet to see them w/o sugar added (even in the states).

Gerard said...

I find light olive oil is best for frying, as virgin, and extra virgin has a very low flash point, and burns quickly, and also impacts too much olive flavour in the food. Good cooks already know this, but some novices may not.

Julie said...

thanks Gerard!
I probably should have said soy or light olive oil. This recipe moved back and forth with me - between Costa Rica and California.
In Costa Rica, I use soy oil for general cooking - it is one of the "good" oils, and is much easier to find (and less expensive) in here.
I almost never fry in deep, pure oil - usually I saute, often in a mix of oil and water (or butter, if I really want to go crazy). Of course, you do have to be careful with this method.

Julie said...
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