Saturday, November 1, 2008

Our Current Address?!?

Since we've been splitting our time between California and Costa Rica, we don't have a permanent address in Costa Rica. Occasionally, an address is required - our driver's license, cédula, bank, and Caja all use a "current" address. Because we weren't living in a house at the time (or wherever we *were* living, we knew we wouldn't be there long), we gave the address of ARCR (Association of Residents of Costa Rica, where we are members). We figured that when we do settle into a place year-round, then we would update our address. Well, now I'm not so sure that is going to be ok.

There is a new law in Costa Rica that requires addresses to be kept current - people have a year to get them updated in the civil registry, then have to keep them updated. The purpose of the law is so that people can be served with legal papers - as in a civil suit. If people can't be served, they don't have to show up in court. And if enough time lapses, the suit is dropped. You can see why the law was changed...

So how does this affect us (and others like us)? Probably this - Every time we move to Costa Rica, we need to update our address in the civil registry as soon as we find a place to live (we do this at least once each year). Then, when we move away - when we don't have an address in Costa Rica - we make sure our address is listed as ARCR. They will always know how to reach us. Possibly this - we keep our address as ARCR, since they *will* know how to reach us, no matter where we live.

I guess figuring this out is all part of living the nomadic life :-D

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