Friday, October 3, 2008

Welcome back to California - medical bills!

Welcome back to California - here are your medical bills - yikes!

We had a busy week going to dentists and doctors. I will say right up front, I would not even consider going to any other dentist or doctor in the states - ours are great! However, this is a pure illustration of the differences in the cost of health care between California and Costa Rica.

Cost for a thorough teeth-cleaning, exam, and x-rays:
California = $255
Costa Rica = $90

Cost for a filling - composite:
California = $250 (plus $115 for happy gas and topical numbing, 'cause I'm a baby)
Costa Rica = $50 (as reported by Saratica)

The same week, Rick went to the Doctor for a sinus problem, and came away with three prescriptions for almost $300. We're waiting for the bill from the Doctor, but I am sure it will be over $100. The last time we saw a Doctor in Costa Rica, the office visit was $12.

And people wonder why medical tourism is taking off...

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