Monday, June 2, 2008

June 1, 2008 - Cookin' with Gas

I had some additional information tucked away - all about gas (propane) kitchen stoves.

We ended up getting a gas stove instead of an electric one (much cheaper start-up costs!). Since we are only here for 4 months this time, we wanted to see if we could get one on loan instead of buying the tank. Well, you can! and you start to find all sorts of people who do gas delivery! Rick was walking around our town, and saw a guy with a truck full of tanks taking one into a house. So he asked him about it - got his card and pricing, and we later used him. (we paid c9,000 for the tank deposit, and about c8,500 for the gas). When we called, he was at our house in less than 15 minutes. And he even connected our new hose to our new gas stove - nice!

BTW (I had to ask our landlady how to work the stove the first time) - the connector to the tank has a flip switch that has to point straight out, then you can light the stove...

Also, we bought the stovetop at an appliance store, then had to get the hose and connector at the ferreteria.

You can also get gas tanks at the supermarket. (cylinder is c18,000, gas is c9,500).

It turned out that we got to keep the tank - the deposit equaled the cost of the tank (ours was used). After almost 4 months of cooking about 2 meals/day, we still had over half the tank full of gas!

For more about our kitchen, see this post.

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