Sunday, April 13, 2008

April 13, 2008 – Alterations, Anyone?

A while ago, I “ungrew” a lot of the clothes I brought to Costa Rica :). So I set out to find a way to get them taken in. I asked my neighbor if she knew of a seamstress nearby – she knew one, but not close. Then another neighbor walked by, and we had a short discussion about what I needed. Both neighbors said I could use their sewing machines, but I explained that even though I could sew, I couldn’t measure the clothes on myself. They suggested going to a dry cleaners (even Más por Menos has one inside the large store near Alajuela’s International Mall). Apparently, many dry cleaners and Laundromats have people who can fix clothes.

I asked another friend where to look, and he said that the bridal shops and tuxedo rental stores all had tailors on site. There was one just 100 meters South and 25 meters West of the post office – right around the corner! When I went in, there were 3 gentlemen working at sewing machines.

When they found out that I wanted some pants taken in, things got a little awkward – I didn’t see any other women customers, but there were dresses for weddings and festivals around. The tailors seemed reluctant to mark my clothes for alterations. They asked how much I wanted taken in, and where (I said that I needed to put them on, so they could see for themselves). When I did that, I pointed out where they were loose – then I asked them if they needed to mark them. They said yes, but they wanted me to pull them in. They were very careful not to touch me. Rick thinks that they feel they have to be very careful of their reputation, since they do a lot of business with families (and I was alone when I went there). I have to admit it, I would be careful too – especially since I needed the sides *and* the crotch taken in :D.

All went well though – I picked up my altered pants 2 days later, and paid the huge sum of c2500 ($5).

Just like shoes, Costa Ricans get clothes fixed or altered. There are plenty of places that do these things – we just have to think about doing so. Quite a change – but very welcome…

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